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Special Initiatives

Covid-19 Research

The Cambridge-INET led, COVID-19 Economic Research website has an extensive collection of special features, research papers, blogs and videos, by Cambridge Academics that look into the pandemic and it’s economics effects,

Research Paper

Gender and Collaboration

Sanjeev Goyal

Professor Sanjeev Goyal has a forthcoming publication, with L. Ductor and A. Prummer, in the Review of Economics and Statistics.

They connect gender disparities in research output and collaboration patterns in economics. They first document large gender gaps in research output. These gaps persist across 50 years despite a significant increase in the fraction of women in economics during that time. 

They further show that output differences are closely related to differences in the co-authorship networks of men and women: women have fewer collaborators, collaborate more often with the same co-authors, and a higher fraction of their co-authors collaborate with each other. Taking into account co-authorship networks reduces the gender output gap by 18%.


Prof. Richard Reis is visiting in March 2023

Richard Reis

We are delighted to welcome Prof. Ricardo Reis (LSE) to the Janeway Institute in March 2023 for a couple of weeks when Prof. Vasco Carvalho will be his host.

He is the Arthur Williams Philips Professor of Economics at LSE and has published widely on macroeconomics, including both monetary and fiscal policy, inflation and business cycles.

His many honours include the 2002 Carl Menger prize, the 2021 Yrjo Jahnsson medal, election to the Econometric Society in 2019, the 2017 BdF/TSE junior prize, and the 2016 Bernacer prize.

Professor Reis is an academic consultant at the Bank of England, the Riksbank, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. He also directs the Centre for Macroeconomics in the UK.

Visiting from:
6th March 2023 - 17th March 2023

Events & Activites

SoFiE 2022 Annual Conference

You can now see videos of Keynote Speakers and a selection of photographs from the SoFiE 2022 Annual Conference on the event page. 

The conference took place from June 24th to June 27th 2022 and was sponsored by the Janeway Institute, the Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF), the Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (cemmap) and the Society for Financial Econometrics (SoFiE)