Transmission Mechanisms & Economic Policy


The "Transmission Mechanisms and Economic Policy" theme at the Janeway Institute brings together researchers conducting fundamental research in macroeconomics. We use a variety of approaches – encompassing micro and macro econometrics, macro models and historical and institutional analysis – to develop theoretical and empirical work on a wide range of issues, from firm growth and firm churning to household level savings and inequality, from unemployment dynamics to supply chains, from the analysis of monetary policy to international finance and global imbalances. Our research aims to generate inputs for stabilisation and structural policy.

Dr Meredith Crowley

Professor Meredith Crowley

Professor of International Economics Senior Fellow, UK in a Changing Europe Research Fellow, CEPR (London) & Theme Coordinator
Ali Sen

Dr. Ali Sen

Janeway Institute and The Productivity Institute Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Paul Bouscasse

Dr. Paul Bouscasse

Centre for Macroeconomics and Janeway Institute Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Hanbaek Lee

Dr. Hanbaek Lee

Assistant Professor of Economics at the Graduate School of Economics at the University of Tokyo