Building an alliance to map global supply networks

24 October 2023

A new academic paper co-authored by the Faculty’s Professor of Macroeconomics and Director of the Janeway Institute, Vasco Carvalho has been published by Science Magazine, and suggests that new firm-level data can inform policy-making.

The new research shows it would be necessary to link trade data from different countries to create an accurate global map of supply relations. However, the article notes a lot more work needs to be done and recommends using the wide availability of data and new analysis methods to eventually map the global network of 13 billion supply connections.

Professor Vasco Carvalho said; “This is a major piece of research, which builds on much of my earlier research regarding supply chain disruption. The global economy consists of more than 300 million firms, connected through an estimated 13 billion supply links, that produce most goods and services.”

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Global Supply Networks
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