The Rise of Mesoeconomics

17 May 2024

Governments are urged to draw on the the emerging field of mesoeconomics to respond effectively to supply chain disruptions and implement effective strategic industrial policies, according to William H. Janeway (Cambridge), in an article published by Project Syndicate.

'The digitalization of economic life and real-world data has opened up new possibilities for the study of the economic networks, regions, and sectors that ultimately determine how economic policies play out in the real world. Such modes of thinking will be crucial for economic policymaking in a new age of geopolitical risk.'

Research by Cambridge economists Prof. Vasco M. Carvalho and Prof. Matt Elliott is cited, including the 'landmark' 2020 paper by Prof. Carvalho et al. which can be found here

Read the article by Dr. Janeway in Project Syndicate here

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