Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Summer School at the University of Cambridge

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The Sloan-Cambridge Mesoeconomics Programme will bring together young researchers to access frontier leading work from world experts, with the intention that they utilise the tools and collaborations to propel this emerging field of economics.

The Summer School aims to develop an international community of mesoeconomics researchers and foster connections across relevant disciplines among established and new researchers. 

Mesoeconomics is a new approach to answering questions about the economy and economic policy that necessitates a focus on the connections between microeconomic units. 

Read about the grant awarded by the Sloan Foundation to Faculty of Economics co-principal investigators Professor Vasco Carvalho and Professor Matthew Elliott here.


Vasco Carvalho (Cambridge)

Prof. Vasco Carvalho

(University of Cambridge)

Matt Elliot (Cambridge)

Prof. Matt Elliott 

(University of Cambridge)

Prof. Matt Jackson (Stanford University)

Prof. Matt Jackson

(Stanford University)

Prof. Elisa Rubbo (The University of Chicago Booth School of Business)

Prof. Elisa Rubbo

(University of Chicago Booth) 

Teaching Programme

Areas addressed will include micro and macro baseline models of production networks with applications to the network origins of business cycles, market power and antitrust in networked markets, inflation, mark-ups and pricing pass-through in production networks, networked international trade and global economic stability, and systemic risk in financial networks.

The summer school aims to blend cross-field approaches to these areas, drawing material from both microeconomic and macroeconomic theory while also emphasizing their empirical content.

International Conference

Summer school students are invited to stay on to attend the Alfred P. Sloan and Janeway Institute International Conference on the same topics immediately after the summer school.

Conference Programme to be announced soon.

Registration has now closed.

For enquiries, contact Eliza Preece: 

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