Christian Ghiglino
Professor, University of Essex


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Economic theory, growth, networks, social identity, wealth inequality, social mobility and fiscal policy


Christian has extensively explored the link between wealth inequality and macroeconomic performance, in particular growth, innovation and instability, within both the General Equilibrium and the Network paradigms. In his most recent work, Christian explores the role of social identity on economic outcomes, in particular redistribution and social mobility, in the presence of income inequality. Christian’s other interest is in revisiting classical themes such as communication, conspicuous and status consumption, and differential economic development, using the unifying framework of network analysis.

Christian has been Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Theory for two decades and is presently Associate Editor of the International Journal of Economic Theory. He is the founding director of the Centre for Social and Economic Network Analysis (SENA) and was Head of the Department of Economics at the University of Essex from 2019 to 2022.