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Research Assistant for ‘China India Revisited’ Project

About The Research Project 

This project on ‘China India Revisited’ is a study of economic development and firm behaviour in China and India in the wider context of an evaluation of economic systems and models of state capitalism. The project draws on different funding sources, but this particular position is resourced by The Keynes Fund based at the Faculty of Economics at Cambridge.

Job Description

Professor Wei Xiong (Princeton and Cambridge) and Professor Sriya Iyer (Cambridge) are seeking to appoint a Research Assistant for their project on China and India. The project is a long-term project on economic development in China and India in comparative perspective and will involve literature reviews, data collection, liaising with Professors Xiong and Iyer, and possibly personnel in India and China as well. The details of these duties will be assigned in due course. 

The position would be for 6 months, with the possibility of an extension. The Research Assistant is expected to work for 10 hours a week and the Research Assistant is expected to start employment as soon as possible, preferably around 15 June 2022 and no later than 1 July 2022. The post is remunerated at the rate of £14.22 per hour.


To see the details and apply, download the full Job Description