Inaugural Janeway Institute Cambridge Microeconomic Theory Conference

Event Date
Old Divinity School, St John's College

This conference is part of a series. On this occasion we are celebrating Prof. Robert Evans’ Career.

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Speakers and titles:

Prof. Kaylan Chatterjee Penn State "Strategic Disclosure in Research Races" joint with Kaustav Das (Leicester) and Miaomiao Dong (Penn State)”

Dr. Caroline Liqui-Lung University of Cambridge "A Game of Social Perceptions" (joint with Larbi Alaoui)"

Prof Eric Maskin Harvard University “Strategy-Resistant Voting Systems”

Prof. In Uck Park University of Bristol "Selling Information for Bilateral Trade" (joint with Robert Evans)”

Prof. Antonio Penta ICREA-UPF and BSE “Belief Restrictions and Incentive Compatibility" (joint with Mariann Ollar, NYU-Shanghai)”

Prof. Hamid Sabourian University of Cambridge “Collusive Behaviour, Efficiency and Cheap Talk Negotiation in Repeated Games”

Prof. Larry Samuelson Yale “Constrained Data-Fitters”

Prof. Jonathan Thomas The University of Edinburgh “Implicit contracts and the asymmetric pass-through of productivity shocks”

Prof. Joel Watson UC San Diego “Coalitions in Multilateral Relational Contracts” (tentative)

Prof. Muhammed Yildiz MIT Economics "Subscription Networks, Verification, and Media Bias"

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