Arrol Adam Lecture: The Failures of Economic Policy – Blame Theory not Central Bankers

26 Oct 2023
6.00pm - 7.00pm
Auditorium, Fitzwilliam College, CB3 0DG

Together with Fitzwilliam College, the Janeway Institute is co-sponsoring the Arrol Adam Lecture entitled 'The Failures of Economic Policy – Blame Theory not Central Bankers' on Thursday Oct 26th from 6pm - 7pm when Andrew Smithers (Director, Smithers & Co.) will be in conversation with Martin Wolf (Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times). 

Andrew Smithers is the founder and Director of Smithers and Co, an economic consultancy. The author of the “the Economics of the Stock Market”, and many other books, he offers a critique of modern economic theory and its use by central banks to guide the control of inflation and employment. 

Martin Wolf is the chief economics commentator at the Financial Times, and author of a recent book, “The Crisis of Modern Capitalism”. He has been described as “the world's pre-eminent financial journalist" by American economist Lawrence Summers.