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Phillips Curve and Internal Devaluation Mini Conference

Tuesday 16th February 2021 - Tuesday 16th February 2021 03:00pm - 05:55pm
Comparative analyses of regional data in a currency area enhance our ability to understand the extent to which nominal and relative prices respond to business cycle disturbances, and their role in fostering adjustment and thus reducing the economic and employment costs of fluctuations. In the tradition of Cambridge-INET, CFM and Cambridge mini-conference, we are looking to bring together researchers at the frontier of this work, to appraise the current state of the research, review results in recent literature, and discuss open methodological and policy questions that define the agenda for the coming years. Cambridge-INET, the Centre for Macroeconomics and the Cambridge Faculty of Economics are holding a Mini Conference on the "Phillips Curve and Internal Devaluation: The Regional Transmission of Business Cycle and Monetary Shocks". It will take place on Tuesday 16th February 2021 from 3PM – 5.50PM GMT and will be held online. See the event page for more details.

Luca Dedola (ECB)
"The Missing Internal Devaluation: Regional Adjustment in the US Great Recession" (joint with Giancarlo Corsetti and Riccardo Trezzi) - Paper

Silvana Tenreyro (LSE and Bank of England)
"Optimal Inflation and the Identification of the Phillips Curve" (joint with Michael McLeay) - Slides | Paper

Jon Steinsson (Berkeley)
"The Slope of the Phillips Curve: Evidence from U.S. States" (joint with Jonathon Hazell, Juan Herreño and Emi Nakamura) - Slides | Paper