Prof. Ricardo Reis
Arthur Williams Phillips Professor of Economics, LSE


Visiting from
JI Research Theme




Research interests:

Macroeconomics; Monetary Economics; Financial Economics; International Macroeconomics; Time-series Econometrics

Personal webpage:


Ricardo Reis is the A.W. Phillips Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics. Recent honors include the 2021 Yrjo Jahnsson medal, the 2017 BdF/TSE junior prize, and the 2016 Bernacer prize. Professor Reis is an academic consultant at the Bank of England, the Riksbank, and the Federal Reserve system, he directs the Centre for Macroeconomics in the UK, and serves on the council or as an advisor of multiple organizations. He has published widely on macroeconomics. His main areas of research are inflation, inflation expectations, unconventional monetary policies and the central bank’s balance sheet, disagreement and inattention, business cycle models with inequality, automatic stabilizers, public debt sustainability, monetary-fiscal interactions, sovereign-bond backed securities, and the role of capital misallocation in the European slump and crisis. His public service includes writing a weekly column for the Portuguese press and developing European Safe Bonds (ESBies). Professor Reis received his PhD from Harvard University, and was previously on the faculty at Columbia University and Princeton University.