Networks, Crowds & Markets


Social, economic, and infrastructure networks are a defining feature of modern economies. The Networks Theme at the Janeway Institute is one of the world’s strongest cluster of researchers in this dynamic and fast growing field. There are three broad themes of work. One line of research is concerned with the dynamics of networks. This is motivated by topical problems such as technological innovation, financial contagion, cybersecurity, disease epidemics, supply chain disruptions and international conflict. A second strand of work explores the relationship between markets, states and community networks; how traditional communities shape the behaviour of individuals and groups in a modern economy. This work has important implications for the optimal design of development policy. A third research theme explores bargaining, production and exchange in networks, with implications for industrial policy and the regulation of markets. The Janeway Institute Networks Group is unusual in its diversity, both with regard to the methods we use – theory, experiments, and statistical analyses with observational data – and the areas we work in – spanning micro and macro analyses in developing and developed economies and covering the three research themes discussed above.