Daniel Zizzo
Prof. Daniel Zizzo (University of Queensland)
Academic Dean and Head of School for the School of Economics


Associate Professor Edoardo Gallo

Professor Matt Elliott

Visiting from:

3rd January 2023 - 19th January 2023


To find out more about Prof. Zizzo's career, visit his webpage here

'His current research interests include authority and organisational behaviour, antisocial preferences, voting preferences, behavioural and cognitive game theory, bounded rationality and nudging, social preferences, trust, and the methodology of experimental economics. These more broadly include macroeconomic and microeconomic applications of theoretical ideas, such as in the context of health behaviour and unlawful file-sharing. Professor Zizzo’s work has been widely cited and funded, he has supervised to completion a number of PhD students, and he ranks within the top 0.7% of authors for downloads on the Social Sciences Research Network.'